Everything, or Nothing

Mopping Up.

Lexington Ny,NY, August 13th 2020. 18:10


Rufus D. Flywheel’s casino, Ny,NY, August 13th 2020. 16:30

A month went by since the [[E.O.N. Issue #16 | Fight on the space station]] Tech alerted the party to an attack on shadowhat’s casino. when they arrived they found a group of mercenaries attacking the casino. After they put down the thugs, shadowhat returned and helped them deal with some Fortress Security officers. his newly adapted powers allowed him to determine what course of action to take with them. he Also used his new powers to find Massacre in manhattan south.

Lexington Ny,NY, August 13th 2020. 17:30

The team entered the building that had massacre in the basement. and fought their way through to the bastard. After beating massacre into submission, he surrendered with a smile on his face.

From Earth to the moon part 2

The Mare Crisium, The Moon, June 13th 2020. 02:00

The team proceeded to the Factory area of the facility, and were surprised to see Thomas Wright Light he spoke to them for a few minutes, when megaman realized something was amiss. it turned out that it was the Chameleobot, who then activated every robot in the facility to attack the team, including mk 12 the terminator. They cleared out the robots and took the airship to the space station.

High earth orbit June 13th 2020. 04:30

On the space station the team fought another large group of robots, and confronted wiley. He told them he was trying to prepare a better world. He was going to use the space station as an orbital factory to deploy millions of robots over the course of the next year. Tech got his powers back by bridging his nueral interface with the data connections availble in the space station, and wiley escaped in an escape pod. tech decided the space station would be good for a base of operations.

From the earth to the moon.
Finishing it.

The Bronx, NY, NY, June 11th 2020. 12:30

A few weeks after the HODOR fights, the team has been checking on and clearing the warehouses left behind by dr. light. Eventually they stumbled upon one guarded by a group of robots. after clearing out the bots they discovered Megaman, and the airship parts they needed to convert the airship into a shace ship.

In the Skies, NY, NY, June 11th 2020. 18:30

The airship was covered in Mk5 and mk6 robots plus the Bald Eagle. after defeating the bots, Tech converted the ship, and frlew the team into space, towards the moon.

The Mare Crisium, The Moon, June 13th 2020. 01:30

Tech, Federal Fury, Archangel Michael, and Solemnus, went to the moon, where they found a factory. After destroying the robots in the office building, a spacecraft lifted off in the distance.

Keep your nose out of the devil's business.

Downtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 18th 2020. 00:30

The team started staying at Sara Evan’s apartment after light labs was destroyed. One night a team of shadowy assassins attacked solemnus in the darkness. After the fight, Sara asked the team to leave. The Next day, the team tracked down the HQ of HODOR, the cult that was responsible for the attack.

Queens NY, NY, May 18th 2020. 12:30

The team, consisting of Ultima, Solemnus, Archangel Michael, smashed into the building and fought their way through to the basement. There, the cultists stole Sole’s oar and attempted to use it for some terrible ceremony. The team knocked out all of the cultists including Devourer Deadstar, and Luckthief. But the ritual went off inspite of Michael’s attempt at divine intervention. The creature that ascended from the portal was the most horrifying thing to exist. The team knocked it back into its hell and went in to finish it off. They succeeded and returned to the mansion. Tech, and Federal Fury arrived at the mansion just as then team returned to the first floor. He explained that Thomas Wright Light may have known more than he was telling. he had kept a lot of secrets, namely he hid a number of warehouses around the city.

Giant Death Robot
Man of Iron

Midtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 10:30

Rufus D. Flywheel, Solemnus, and Thomas Wright Light, and Federal Fury interrogated the engineer who fell out of the helicopter. Ultima arrived just as the engineer told them that the entire assault was just a diversion for the main attack.

Harlem NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 10:32

An absolutely monumental robot Unrelentingk119 burst out through the streets under Harlem. The crash was so loud it was audible in midtown. Ultima decided to take Solemnus up to the robot where she used him as a missile and they battled the robot together.

Midtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 10:40

Further interrogation of the engineer coerced him into giving up information about the location of a Rupture substation. He told them of the data stream, an open link to the internet and to pretty much all the robots on the planet. So the team headed there and forced their way through to the link. eventually they discovered the server room and Dr Light noticed a message on all the computer screens saying W1L3y. From there they downloaded a virus that wiley gave them. the virus disabled Unrelentingk119 but also gave control of all of Light’s robots to Wiley. After defeating the mk5 and mk6 bots they came with, The nanites in Dr. Light’s body killed him. Staring at the disintegrating body of dr light, Shadowhat suddenly vanished in a flash of light, only to be replaced by Archangel Michael. Also at this point, Ultima and Solemnus arrive at the substation. Tech called on the radio and alerted the team to the robots going insane over at light labs.

Storm Clouds
A War Starts...

Cave level 2 in Ossining NY May 12th 2020. 13:40

Inside the white room the team found an older, more scarred version of Tech. He explained that there is a war coming soon. One that will destroy humanity, and that he is the last survivor of the human race. He also told the team he had traveled back in time to force the creation of super-humans and a super-hero team, as this was the only way he could see of winning the war. He also told the team that they were just the first step, and that the world would also need an army. to facilitate the construction of the army he had arranged for several devastating events. He then shot himself. Solemnus picked up the body and the party retreated (first to Light’s hidden prison with the body) and then to light’s lab to await impending disaster

Midtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 8:30

Rupture attacks the city with Soldiers and Mechs. and the team puts them down. and disables the helicopter with the engineer in it.

Measure of a Man.

A cave in Ossining NY May 12th 2020. 11:00

The team Learned the location of a cave from which most of the tech they’ve been dealing with has originated. And so an expedition to the cave was launched. Three small puzzles and three small fights needed to be finished before a door unlocked, allowing access to the deeper part of the cave.

Cave level 2 in Ossining NY May 12th 2020. 12:30

A man and several of the guardian elementals blocked the path. The fight was a long one and the team was mauled pretty badly by it, but they perservered and defeated King Dien. Dien told them all of their questions would be answered on the other side of a massive stone door.

How's the Weather
Cleaning up an old mess

Manhattan Sewer System April 14th 2020. 19:00

The Team decided to return to the sewer to take on The Weather-Man who was working on his weather control technology. The fight was short and brutal, but The Weather Man was captured in the end.

Lab on 1st and 34th April 22nd 2020. 17:00

Rufus D. Flywheel chased down the Phone Number on the lab note. which lead him to a Lab in manhattan that had conducted some medical tests. he met with a Scientist who, after realizing he was the vigilante “Shadow-hat”, offered to give the team some information about the tech they’ve been chasing, on one condition, Let her join the team as a super-hero vigilante.

The party decides her info is worth the risk. and after several weeks of working with her on some level-level thugs busts, she decides to tell them where The Cave is.

Finding the Connection
Looking for the Source

Mansion on 46th and 1st April 8th 2020. 22:20

Discovered within the mansion is a large amount of the street drug you were looking to intercept. 5 Burner phones with phone numbers pre-dialed into them. in addition to a piece of paper with instructions on it, also written is a phone number. When one of the burner phones is called they schedule a meet with some dealers.

Warehouse in Queens April 10th 2020. 00:00

The dealers were only making a pick up. They didnt know anything about Lahar’s Suppliers. The fight at the warehouse was a bit of a dead end. After the fight the team deals with a small Nightmare emergency and returns to Light Labs


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