Everything, or Nothing

How's the Weather

Cleaning up an old mess

Manhattan Sewer System April 14th 2020. 19:00

The Team decided to return to the sewer to take on The Weather-Man who was working on his weather control technology. The fight was short and brutal, but The Weather Man was captured in the end.

Lab on 1st and 34th April 22nd 2020. 17:00

Rufus D. Flywheel chased down the Phone Number on the lab note. which lead him to a Lab in manhattan that had conducted some medical tests. he met with a Scientist who, after realizing he was the vigilante “Shadow-hat”, offered to give the team some information about the tech they’ve been chasing, on one condition, Let her join the team as a super-hero vigilante.

The party decides her info is worth the risk. and after several weeks of working with her on some level-level thugs busts, she decides to tell them where The Cave is.


Ranseur Ranseur

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