Everything, or Nothing

Storm Clouds

A War Starts...

Cave level 2 in Ossining NY May 12th 2020. 13:40

Inside the white room the team found an older, more scarred version of Tech. He explained that there is a war coming soon. One that will destroy humanity, and that he is the last survivor of the human race. He also told the team he had traveled back in time to force the creation of super-humans and a super-hero team, as this was the only way he could see of winning the war. He also told the team that they were just the first step, and that the world would also need an army. to facilitate the construction of the army he had arranged for several devastating events. He then shot himself. Solemnus picked up the body and the party retreated (first to Light’s hidden prison with the body) and then to light’s lab to await impending disaster

Midtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 8:30

Rupture attacks the city with Soldiers and Mechs. and the team puts them down. and disables the helicopter with the engineer in it.


Ranseur Ranseur

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