Everything, or Nothing

Giant Death Robot

Man of Iron

Midtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 10:30

Rufus D. Flywheel, Solemnus, and Thomas Wright Light, and Federal Fury interrogated the engineer who fell out of the helicopter. Ultima arrived just as the engineer told them that the entire assault was just a diversion for the main attack.

Harlem NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 10:32

An absolutely monumental robot Unrelentingk119 burst out through the streets under Harlem. The crash was so loud it was audible in midtown. Ultima decided to take Solemnus up to the robot where she used him as a missile and they battled the robot together.

Midtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 13th 2020. 10:40

Further interrogation of the engineer coerced him into giving up information about the location of a Rupture substation. He told them of the data stream, an open link to the internet and to pretty much all the robots on the planet. So the team headed there and forced their way through to the link. eventually they discovered the server room and Dr Light noticed a message on all the computer screens saying W1L3y. From there they downloaded a virus that wiley gave them. the virus disabled Unrelentingk119 but also gave control of all of Light’s robots to Wiley. After defeating the mk5 and mk6 bots they came with, The nanites in Dr. Light’s body killed him. Staring at the disintegrating body of dr light, Shadowhat suddenly vanished in a flash of light, only to be replaced by Archangel Michael. Also at this point, Ultima and Solemnus arrive at the substation. Tech called on the radio and alerted the team to the robots going insane over at light labs.


Ranseur Ranseur

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