Everything, or Nothing

Keep your nose out of the devil's business.


Downtown Manhattan NY, NY, May 18th 2020. 00:30

The team started staying at Sara Evan’s apartment after light labs was destroyed. One night a team of shadowy assassins attacked solemnus in the darkness. After the fight, Sara asked the team to leave. The Next day, the team tracked down the HQ of HODOR, the cult that was responsible for the attack.

Queens NY, NY, May 18th 2020. 12:30

The team, consisting of Ultima, Solemnus, Archangel Michael, smashed into the building and fought their way through to the basement. There, the cultists stole Sole’s oar and attempted to use it for some terrible ceremony. The team knocked out all of the cultists including Devourer Deadstar, and Luckthief. But the ritual went off inspite of Michael’s attempt at divine intervention. The creature that ascended from the portal was the most horrifying thing to exist. The team knocked it back into its hell and went in to finish it off. They succeeded and returned to the mansion. Tech, and Federal Fury arrived at the mansion just as then team returned to the first floor. He explained that Thomas Wright Light may have known more than he was telling. he had kept a lot of secrets, namely he hid a number of warehouses around the city.


Ranseur Ranseur

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