Everything, or Nothing

From the earth to the moon.

Finishing it.

The Bronx, NY, NY, June 11th 2020. 12:30

A few weeks after the HODOR fights, the team has been checking on and clearing the warehouses left behind by dr. light. Eventually they stumbled upon one guarded by a group of robots. after clearing out the bots they discovered Megaman, and the airship parts they needed to convert the airship into a shace ship.

In the Skies, NY, NY, June 11th 2020. 18:30

The airship was covered in Mk5 and mk6 robots plus the Bald Eagle. after defeating the bots, Tech converted the ship, and frlew the team into space, towards the moon.

The Mare Crisium, The Moon, June 13th 2020. 01:30

Tech, Federal Fury, Archangel Michael, and Solemnus, went to the moon, where they found a factory. After destroying the robots in the office building, a spacecraft lifted off in the distance.


Ranseur Ranseur

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