Randall Thor

Former magician; work experience includes bar tricks and children's birthday parties.


Randall Thor grew up in a another world where magic was more than make believe. One day while on an adventure he accidentally activated a magic stone used to teleport between worlds. As a result he became stranded in this strange futuristic world where the magic stones seem to have been destroyed and used as building material. Oddly, people in this society seemed to pay a relatively decent amount of money to have him show off his cantrips at birthday parties. While this lifestyle kept him busy for a while, he quickly got bored. After reading newspaper clippings of superheroes getting famous, he decided to go to the city to make it big. Attempting to purchase a horseless carriage resulted in a tragic accident where the used car salesman crashed the car, severing Randall’s hand, and causing the salesman to lose his job. Subsequently, Randall got on a bus.

Name: Randall Thor
Secret ID: N/A
Aliases: N/A
Affiliations: Royal Tonasi Army: Fifth Evoker’s Division
Age: 29
Gender: M
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tan
Ht: 5’11"
Wt: 175
Nationality: Tonasi
Occupation: Wizard
Powers: All of them
Status: Hungry
Arch-Nemesis: Padraig the used car salesman
History: See above
Personality: Has no idea what he’s doing in this world

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Randall Thor

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