Everything, or Nothing

One Last Chance
The Beginning
Manhattan north, Wednesday March 6th 2020 11:05 am:

Rufus D. Flywheel is coming home from a long hiatus in which he trained his body and mind for vigilantism. on the other side of the block, Thomas Wright Light is returning from Robexpo. A flash of his future sight brings flywheel to a halt. two goons and Lahar are walking out of a building, when a goon opens fire on a witnessing truck driver. lahar also has the other goon detonate a bomb in the building they just exited. the bomb destroys the building. and a goon spots Flywheel. After the fight, lahar turns into a puddle of mud and flees.

Light and Rufus rescue a woman who was trapped in the collapsing building. and help her boyfriend, a man named John Mason. at Light’s Base of Operations, light manages to save Rachel Megaera with his nanite repair tank. The whole group then retires to flywheel’s Casino.

A car accident outside gets everyone’s attention, Lahar had somehow found them and brought a gang of goons. After the ensuing fight, Lahar was dropped into water which will help prevent him from reforming. Light grabbed one of the goons before the police arrived.

Hideous Laughter...
Follow the sound of laughter
Midtown Manhattan, Wednesday March 6th 2020 20:05:

One of Lahar’s[[E.O.N. Issue #1 | goons]] was captured after the fight outside of Rufus D. Flywheel’s Casino, the interrogation was fruitful and the goon quickly gave up some important information on the group’s activities prior to the frontal assault on the casino. The man told Rufus that they were just hired by Lahar, brought to the central park zoo, where they met a man in a safari get-up with a lot of dogs. the safarai man gave Lahar some kind of device, which allowed the group to track down the sample of material Thomas Wright Light had collected from the scene of the first altercation, which led them to light labs, and from there they followed Light to the casino.

So Rufus, Tech, and Light decided to wait until night to go skulking around the zoo, to figure out who the safari man was. When they arrive, they spot a large number of hyenas and the man they had come to see. “You really should have stayed out of this, it’s a shame, your loved ones will never be able to know what happened to you.” he taunts them, then promptly attacks. The fight is bloody, ferocious, and hard fought, but eventually after an exhuasting battle, Rufus manages to disarm and punch out Pack Master.

Light has the team retreat to his Hideout to recuperate, using his nanite healing tanks he fixes the wounds of the team, then decides to head back to the original scene, to find out what building was hit. He discovered that the building was home to several offices, including one that belonged to a human enhancement lab called Ytech. Light also tapped into UCAP, the FBI’s Unique Criminal Apprehension Program. he learned that Lahar has some affiliates. One of which being Sinder. Light came to the conclusion that she would be a good place to go next.

Meanwhile, Rufus was questioning Packmaster at light labs. “You stumbled onto something big, Lahar wanted no witnesses, so we had to make you guys dead, nothing personal, just business. Once you stick your nose into our business, we’re gonna have to cut it off.” Packmaster told him. “We? what do you mean ‘we’? Who are you?” at this point Packmaster whistled, summoning a large Hyena which picked him up and ran from the building.

The Beast
Just getting started
Manhattan North, Thursday March 7th 2020 20:00:

Lahar’s ally Sinder was tracked to a warehouse in northern Manhattan by Light Labs’s criminological deduction program. By the time the team arrived at the warehouse, there appeared to have been a fight there. Several dead men littered the floor. Inside a man with a rocket strapped to his back was talking with his hired help.

The team decided to surprise the enemy, starting with Mark 1’s rockets. they attacked and defeated the thugs, taking the time to apprehend V2. Upon questioning back at Light Labs V2 told Flywheel that they were attempting to steal some Serum from Barghest, a bioengineering organization with ties to many illegal activities. he also stated that he worked for an organization called Rupture. Light retrieved a shipment of the stolen serum from the warehouse, but was followed by Sinder. She arrived at the lab with an army of mercenaries.

After a brief but intense fight with her mercenaries and Akiya the beast, Sinder attacked with the remaining mercs. Her defeat signalled the end of the fight.

The Collider
An Unstoppable Force
Rufus D Flywheel’s Casino, Tuesday March 31st 2020 20:00:

During a Boxing match an insane criminal opens fire on a crowd of civilians outside the casino. Solemnus, a new Vigilante Unique, intervenes and stops the shooter. Tech and the others invite him to join them in their endeavours.

Light Labs, Wednesday April 1st 2020 15:00:

CERN scientists are supposed to make an announcement just before the UN science commitee’s council on physics, chemistry and biology. but they don’t. Tech jumps to the conclusion that something is up at the CERN lab in Midtown and gathers everyone up to investigate.

CERN Research Facility 34th and 4th, Wednesday April 1st 2020 15:21:

Upon arriving at the lab, the foursome discover that Rupture has taken the scientists and engineers within the building as hostages. Shadowhat surprises some of the Rupture goons by sneaking into the building and slamming him wit a door. at the same time as Solemnus attacked the front door guard. a brief firefight ensued and the goons were dispatched to sleepy-time-land. After the fight, the heroes were briefed on what RUPTURE was doing on the 14th floor. Basically turning CERN’s new Small Hadron Collider into an Anti-matter bomb. They ascended to the lab to stop the plot.

The lab had several Rupture mercenaries in exoskeleton armor protecting a supervillain named Amperage Amperage commanded his mercenaries to stop the heroes, but they were unable to destroy the interlopers. Amperage Shouted some obscenities, and fled up the stairs, challanging the heroes to follow…

The Collider 2
A Blinding Light
CERN Research Facility 34th st and 4th av, Wednesday April 1st 2020 15:21:

Amperage left the undetonated SHC in the lab and fled to the top floor of the facility. Dr.Light Stayed in the lab to attempt preventing the detonation of the unshielded collider while the rest of the heroes chased the fleeing supervillain.

On the top floor they caught up to Amperage and two goons who were holding the head researcher hostage. Shadowhat leapt for amperage and caught him off guard, allowing the researcher to flee. Amperage returned the attack with an EMP blast that solidly fragged Tech’s gear and knocked him out. At that moment Skydark swooped in though an outside window and slammed into Solemnus.

After the fight, Skydark and the two exoskeleton-clad mercs were captured but amperage escaped. The heroes still had to deal with the SHC that was getting pretty close to detonating. Sol just ripped the SHC from its posts in the ground and brought it up to the roof from which he got a running start to smash it into the sky with his oar where it detonated.

Upon returning to the ground floor, the heroes discovered they were surrounded by cops and reporters. They met with Detective Colton who urged them to deputize with the united states government. Meanwhile the reporters ran the story “New York Superheoes?”

Light Labs Saturday April 4th 2020. 17:21:

Dr Light Reanalyzed the Serum he had stolen from Barghest and determined that he needed to find and eliminate the source of the human strength enhancement formula. So the heroes had heard that there were a series of attacks attributed to drugged-up gangbangers. Coming to the conclusion that the serum and the attacks are related the heroes head to the northern end of manhattan.

Manhattan North Saturday April 4th 2020. 18:11:

Solemnus and Shadowhat track downa dealer and convince him to give them the information they want, and he obliges, telling them that a rival is selling and using the stuff to gain an edge in the trade. So the heroes progress to a partythe rival is attending. after beating up his goons Sol and Shadowhat make him talk, he agrees to get his contact to meet up.

The Perfect Storm
a dark and stormy... day?
Light Labs, Sunday April 5th 2020. 11:21:

Tech alerts the other heroes to the fact that a large storm had stalled over manhattan for a period of five hours without moving. He gets the others to go down to midtown to investigate.

45th st and 7th av. Sunday April 5th 2020. 11:31:

There is a large traffic jam blocking the street, when Shadowhat investigates, a series of manholes blow out with a gust of steam and mud starting from the south and racing up 7th blowing out each manhole in succession. After the steam blasts a series of lightning strikes blasted the street to the south. After the strikes a whirlwind whipped up and tore up passed the heroes. They struck out at it valiantly, but it just spun through them and slammed into a building, destroying it. After the fight they introduced themselves to the Masked vigilante who had helped them The Masster

Sewers under Manhattan, Sunday April 5th 2020. 13:00:

Tech calls the heroes and tells them a massive drain in electricity was occurring in the sewers just south of their position, so the team moved to investigate, when they did, another storm appeared. The Masster attempted to destroy the elemental by ruining the large device at the southern end of the tunnel, while it didnt kill the elemental it did weaken it severely. Dr. Light’s robots blew out the side wall and escaped through a side tunnel. When they got through the other side, they were accosted by a man calling himself The Weather Man the fight after this point was short and the weatherman was defeated. Attempts to interrogate him highlighted the team’s need for a more secure detention area.

Sympathy for the Devil
A knife in the dark.
Light Labs Monday April 7th 2020. 8:00:

Tech calls the heroes together. Detective Colton asked them to protect an informant while he goes to trial. He was going to testify against his old terrorist pals in New Humanity and they had hired The Ravens to kill him before he gets to trial. seeing as how this informant was their best evidence against the terrorists the federal government NEEDED to keep him alive.

NY Federal Courthouse April 7th 2020. 9:00

Solemnuswas taking the witness up the steps of the courthouse when a fountain of blood erupted from the witness’s neck and he collapsed to the floor. at this point, construction workers from up the street rip off their uniforms and revealed themselves to be bestial in appearance, men with elephant trunks and massive arms. The two female tourists from the other side also revealed themselves to be the assassins. The white haired oneBloodlust, and her sister Stilletto attacked the heroes and eventually retreated by using a flashbang, when they realized that the fight was going against them. Detective Colton told the heroes not to worry, that they had only killed a Decoy AI and not the actual witness.

32nd and 6th, April 7th 2020. 14:00

The heroes had recieved an anonymous request to meet stilletto at a cafe on 32nd and 6th. Unfortunatly The Masster recieved a phone call from his wife and had to deal with some home issues, so Solemnus had to deal with her himself. when he arrived at the busy cafe some guy was listening to “Sympathy for the devil” and stilletto was smiling, she had a bomb under the table and her sister was watching from a safe distance. she offerred a deal. half of the assassination fee to allow her to kill the real witness. Solemnus refused the deal and she left him with the bomb. As solemnus picked up the device and started walking across the street he heard the device activate. So he had one choice and he lobbed the device as hard as he could into the air. It detonated safely, and crowds of people, realizing he had saved them flocked to get his autograph.

NY Federal Courthouse April 8th 2020. 9:00

Sol and tHE Masster once again go to the courthouse, this time the street has been cleared. As they walked up the steps several tiger-ninjas jumped off he roof of the building and started cutting their way through the cops on the step. Then the killer sisters once again attacked. Bloodlust almost gutted Sol and was smacked into the wall by his oar. he also threw her sister up the street. By the time the tiger-men were down Stilletto had retrieved her unconscious sister and had flashed out of the fight. Sol and The Masster were free to complete their objective.

A fight with the monsters.
32nd and 6th April 8th 2020. 21:00

The Meet with Barghest that was scheduled by Pisspants went off in the cafe Sol had been to the day before. Lahar and 6 Barghest toughs attacked the heroes when they saw them. The fight was short and brutal, Lahar Escaped after by turning into mud and fleeing through the sewer.

One of the captured Toughs was interrogated by Shadow-hat he spilled his guts and told them where to interdcept the drugs that had been flooding the streets.

Mansion on 46th and 1st April 8th 2020. 22:00

Shadowhat scouted the outside of the building and reported the locations of the Toughs that were guarding the mansion. Solemnus and Dr. Light attacked one of the guards with a missile, the attack was so sudden and violent that most of the remaining toughs fled. Lahar and his flunkies cameout of the building as Shadow-Hat crept up to the back of it. Sol went up to the front with light’s Mark 6 to engage Lahar,when Vanish appeared and removed his magical Oar by teleporting it away from him. Toxx exited the north end of the building and attempted to kill The Masster with poison gas and poison darts. Sol and Shadow-Hat worked to beat vanish, The entire team worked on Lahar and Sol, The Masster and Shadowhat took out Toxx, Shadhat’s out and out Punch took out one of the most dangerous super-criminals in the city.

Finding the Connection
Looking for the Source

Mansion on 46th and 1st April 8th 2020. 22:20

Discovered within the mansion is a large amount of the street drug you were looking to intercept. 5 Burner phones with phone numbers pre-dialed into them. in addition to a piece of paper with instructions on it, also written is a phone number. When one of the burner phones is called they schedule a meet with some dealers.

Warehouse in Queens April 10th 2020. 00:00

The dealers were only making a pick up. They didnt know anything about Lahar’s Suppliers. The fight at the warehouse was a bit of a dead end. After the fight the team deals with a small Nightmare emergency and returns to Light Labs

How's the Weather
Cleaning up an old mess

Manhattan Sewer System April 14th 2020. 19:00

The Team decided to return to the sewer to take on The Weather-Man who was working on his weather control technology. The fight was short and brutal, but The Weather Man was captured in the end.

Lab on 1st and 34th April 22nd 2020. 17:00

Rufus D. Flywheel chased down the Phone Number on the lab note. which lead him to a Lab in manhattan that had conducted some medical tests. he met with a Scientist who, after realizing he was the vigilante “Shadow-hat”, offered to give the team some information about the tech they’ve been chasing, on one condition, Let her join the team as a super-hero vigilante.

The party decides her info is worth the risk. and after several weeks of working with her on some level-level thugs busts, she decides to tell them where The Cave is.


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