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Character Creation

200 character points, plus up to 100 disadvantage points and you MUST have at least 50 disadvantage points. no power that deals body damage can have more than 60 active points except energy blasts, which can have up to a limit of 120 points. Max dex is 30, max speed is 4. max resistant armor is 10. (bad guys will obey these rules as well). Also anything that has a STOP i want you to contact me. you can send a message through OP or FB whichever In addition, keep in mind the Everyman Skills. we’ll be using the modern set on pg 46. these skills can be used untrained at an 8- roll.

Recent Events

Since 2015, a series of extraordinary crimes were committed in New York City. Each perpetrator exhibited super-human abilities, or used incredibly advanced technology. Eventually NYPD rallied with a Super-Human task force. But it wasnt enough. For five years Unique criminals have been winning the war on crime, with local, state and federal law enforcement virtually unable to stop them.

More recently, super-advanced technology, eclipsing anything known to mankind, and working using sciences well in excess of the current time. No one knows where the tech is coming from, but it can grant great power to whomever wields it. The FBI has announced a task force to find the Tech, but many suspect that the Unique Criminals will find it first.


Barghest, Rupture, The Shadow of the Fiend

Main Page

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