Everything, or Nothing

From Earth to the moon part 2


The Mare Crisium, The Moon, June 13th 2020. 02:00

The team proceeded to the Factory area of the facility, and were surprised to see Thomas Wright Light he spoke to them for a few minutes, when megaman realized something was amiss. it turned out that it was the Chameleobot, who then activated every robot in the facility to attack the team, including mk 12 the terminator. They cleared out the robots and took the airship to the space station.

High earth orbit June 13th 2020. 04:30

On the space station the team fought another large group of robots, and confronted wiley. He told them he was trying to prepare a better world. He was going to use the space station as an orbital factory to deploy millions of robots over the course of the next year. Tech got his powers back by bridging his nueral interface with the data connections availble in the space station, and wiley escaped in an escape pod. tech decided the space station would be good for a base of operations.


Ranseur Ranseur

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