Everything, or Nothing


Rufus D. Flywheel’s casino, Ny,NY, August 13th 2020. 16:30

A month went by since the [[E.O.N. Issue #16 | Fight on the space station]] Tech alerted the party to an attack on shadowhat’s casino. when they arrived they found a group of mercenaries attacking the casino. After they put down the thugs, shadowhat returned and helped them deal with some Fortress Security officers. his newly adapted powers allowed him to determine what course of action to take with them. he Also used his new powers to find Massacre in manhattan south.

Lexington Ny,NY, August 13th 2020. 17:30

The team entered the building that had massacre in the basement. and fought their way through to the bastard. After beating massacre into submission, he surrendered with a smile on his face.


Ranseur Ranseur

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