Genetically modified humanoid B.O.W.


David Cross aka Zero was a test subject of the U.S. government’s Enhanced Humanoid Weapon program, and has had his entire genetic code altered to make him a true “engine of survival”.

Zero possesses superhuman strength (has been known to lift vehicles as large and as heavy as tanks or buses or jump long distances of 1.5-2 miles), speed (can run at speeds close to 150 to 225 mph if given enough momentum and space), durability (can survive falls from skyscrapers with little damage or blows from superhumans with only some significant bodily injury, sustained gunfire can easily pierce his flesh), endurance (can exert himself for hours at a time due to regenerative abilities, upper limits unknown), and senses (can see, hear and smell long distances and with great acuity; also possesses the ability to see in the infrared spectrum or low-light conditions and a ‘sonar sense’ that allows him to track a target over a half mile radius).

Zero possesses high-speed regenerative capabilities which allow him to heal from almost any wound, including limb/head amputation and gunshot or piercing wounds, although he does seem susceptible to fire or acid damage and takes longer to regenerate from these forms of damage.

Zero also has the ability to manipulate his body externally for combat, such as turning his arms into weapons (claw hands, arm scythes, club hands, serrated spike whip arms), or for defense, hardening his skin into a chitinous armor (which can defend against small arms fire up to large explosions without breaking) and/or spikes which can impale anyone who gets too close.

Zero has also been known to be able to glide through the air (he may be able to manipulate his mass to allow him to be lighter than air for brief periods).

Zero can use his form manipulation abilities to blend in with his surroundings similar to a chameleon when standing relatively still and can somehow mask his own IR signature.

Zero’s most useful and some would argue his most insidious ability is his ability to perfectly mimic another living being right down to the genetic level by absorbing them into himself; doing so allows him to access any memories and/or abilities the original organism possessed before absorption, although the trauma of absorbing another living being and subsequent memory exposure may have a long-term psychological toll on Zero (Note: It is currently unknown if Zero is capable of absorbing a superhuman opponent, as all previous victims absorbed were humans with exceptional skill sets. More observation is needed).


David Cross was just a normal twenty six year old college student at NYU when he was kidnapped by the U.S. military as a test subject for their Enhanced Humanoid Weapon program, a secret black project involving genetic research to create the ultimate mutant weapon to combat against the growing superhuman ‘epidemic’ spreading across the world. Identified as Subject Zero, David was meant to be the first true successful prototype in the project, his genetic structure modified to create the most powerful Bio-Organic Weapon in addition to intense psychotherapy to not only make him more susceptible to control but also make him a ruthless killing machine. Imprisoned for over six years, David was able to escape the facility he was held in before the control command protocols were implanted, and has since been on the run from the U.S. government. Suffering from partial amnesia, David now goes by the name of Zero and has vowed revenge against those responsible for turning him into a monster, all the while trying to piece together his broken past and preventing himself from turning into the monster he fears he has already become.

Prone to fits of violence/bezerker rages without remorse or pity when subjected to high emotional and/or physiological stresses (life/death situations, fear/anger), Zero/David Cross nonetheless feels guilty over his actions and does everything he can to avoid these violent outbursts. Despite his condition, Zero/David has a fairly strong moral code, compelling him to protect and defend the innocent, although his view on justice (right and wrong) is somewhat gray. His loyalty to his companions is also quite strong, although he does have a problem with authority figures from time to time.


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